Storage Units in Pompano Beach

When most everything a family owns is stuffed into a hundred cardboard boxes that all look the same, organization comes in handy.

Climate-Controlled Storage Units Provide a Safer Environment for Many Items

Whether someone lives in New York State or Florida, they may prefer climate control in a storage facility to provide extra protection for belongings. With effective climate control, Storage Units in Queens can protect against bitter cold, excessive heat, and the humidity that is often prevalent during the summer in this ocean-side city.

Climate-controlled Storage Units in Pompano Beach must protect items from the heat and humidity characteristic of this region. Not everything needs this type of protection, but many self-storage customers prefer these units for additional reasons.

Indoor Storage Advantages

The storage areas are indoors, providing an added level of security. Moving things into and out of the units is more comfortable for the people, particularly at facilities where vehicles can be parked inside a garage-style part of the building. If somebody wants to take time to sort through belongings, doing so in air conditioning is preferable on hot days. Opening an exterior unit door on a windy day can easily result in dirt, leaves, and other debris blowing inside.

Examples of Items

What types of items benefit most from climate control in a building? A group of personal photographs is an excellent example of something that can be damaged when stored in high heat or humid conditions. They begin to deteriorate. Leather furniture, jackets, and shoes are negatively affected when stored in excessive heat or cold, and they can become discolored and even moldy when stored for months in humid conditions.

Books and magazines can develop mildew spots on the covers and start to smell musty. Musical instruments definitely should be kept in an environment that prevents freezing temperatures, high heat, and excessive humidity. Wood furniture and other items can gradually warp and crack.

Extremes in Weather and Coastal Locations

A month or two in storage in unfavorable conditions may be okay, but for longer periods, a controlled environment in a facility like Storage Post is advisable. That's especially true in climates that experience extremes in temperature and air moisture, including the New York City area and all of Florida. Coastal regions are particularly susceptible to humid air even when temperatures are relatively mild.